Is Kotlin worth learning – 2021 || Reason to Choose Kotlin

Today you will get your answer in this article on “Is Kotlin worth learning” Things You Need to Know About Kotlin Any software engineer will tell you that there is a library of thoughtful options when it comes to choosing a programming language to specialize in.

Answering this question depends a lot on the functionality you want your code to have. You want your code optimized and constraints

Today, we’ll add value and highlight key ideas about the Kotlin programming language that will get you thinking seriously. When you will think to start programming languages, After reading this full article you will never think again this question “Is Kotlin worth learning”.


So it might surprise you that Kotlin only came out 10 years ago in 2011, Kotlin is a statistically written open-source language, just like Android in Apache 2.0. It is fully compatible with Android Studio 3.0 and later versions. This expanded the task of developing a new application with Kotlin files easily. You can write Android applications for Kotlin. Add Kotlin files to your current project and convert Java to Kotlin. Then you have privileges to use all existing Android study tools with your persistent Kotlin code, for example link checking, debugging, etc.

Is Kotlin worth learning

Is Kotlin worth learning

The excitement around Kotlin stems from the way Google has made it the go-to language for Android app development. The main explanation behind this reception was its innovation, regarding its capacity, adaptability and popularity-based approach. Additionally, Kotlin is interoperable with existing Android languages. Kotlin’s application development takes ideas from the web. It works by having to figure out the answers that the developers didn’t get from Java. As an open-source project, the way Oracle turns Java into a paid language will not have a negative impact on the great future of Kotlin. Those who went to become an app developer, then Kotlin is the perfect programming language.

Because of the accompanying reasons :-

Kotlin offers brevity

One of the important reasons developers prefer Kotlin to Java is the speed that the Kotlin application developer offers. Java seems too verbose on exam. Speed ​​ensures that there are fewer errors in the code. It also implies a much faster rate of creation.

Open source

Since 2012, JetBrains has announced that Kotlin is an open source project. As an open source language, a developer can expect excellent development while at the same time getting exceptional help from the Kotlin Slack group.

It is a powerful language with strong IDE support.

Kotlin went through several phases of alpha and beta enhancements before its latest installment. This means that even before it was officially released, it was used in some projects at the time. It was intended to be functional in use with outstanding features from other programming languages ​​and elite IDE support. The IDE easily runs on Kotlin and enables some of the popular Java features.

Provides an easier way to develop Android applications.

Kotlin is an amazing basic language that stands before Java. While Java has some endless problems, the other Scala programming language is heavy and has a moderate compile time. The library required to build Android apps with Kotlin is small and does not extend the scope of strategy validation without question.

It is an ideal language for Android application development.

Kotlin app development is constantly integrating with Android Studio, and this makes it fast. A Kotlin project can be set up to run in less than 10 minutes, for beginners though. Like Java, it can be run from an IDE. You can also investigate effectively without any hindrance. Each of these different features works with many different things that Java can do, and Kotlin iterates through them well.

Why companies gravitate to Kotlin

For a business, moving to another device is a great option. Any new device shipped expect an existing problem to be resolved in a clearer and better way. Some organizations have recently shown their help towards Kotlin by assimilating it to Android application development. There are few purposes for this reception.

What are the benefits of Kotlin

  • Kotlin is a mature language as it tested over many years and now the final version is out.
  • Compatible with Android Studio IDE.
  • Quite safer than the Java programming language.
  • It is more reliable and stable.
  • Rapidly growing community and supports developers.
  • Kotlin is multiplatform and profitable.
  • Easy to learn and fun to utilize.
Is Kotlin worth learning - 2021 || Reason to Choose Kotlin

Why You choose Kotlin

  • With the Kotlin Multiplatform Framework, you can compile on almost all platforms, including Android, JVM, JavaScript, and native. You can extract a common database that will point to all of them at the same time.
  • Converting JAVA to Kotlin is a very simple process. Just install the Kotlin plugin, add it to your Gradle build files, and click to convert.
  • New modules written by Kotlin can work seamlessly alongside existing Java code. It is compatible with all Java libraries and frameworks, the JVM, and can be integrated with the Gradle or Maven build systems.
  • The problem with Java is that it allows developers to assign a null value to any variable. When you try to use an object reference, which has a null value, you will encounter a Null Pointer exception. But in Kotlin, by default, there is no variable that can be zeroed.
  • The extension function is missing in java. Whereas, Kotlin allows adding new behavior and functionality to a class without directly extending it or using a design pattern. This is a great feature that comes from C #.
  • The main feature of Kotlin is the higher-order functionality. Kotlin requires 20% less coding than Java, and using Kotlin costs nothing.

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  • Kotlin provides many of the unusual security mechanisms available, and at the same time is more concise and revealing than Java. This is why most of the Android application developers in Sydney use it to develop an application.
  • There are also some business benefits. Kotlin has shortened project timelines because the language can solve more problems with fewer lines of code. The function also supports maintenance needs. There is very little room to hide bugs, and the language’s excellent readability makes it easier for developers to spot bugs, resulting in fewer glitches.
  • Kotlin has proven to be an excellent programming language for mobile application development and offers application developers a variety of opportunities to experiment with modern programming. Overall, Kotlin sets a new standard. Since 2018, nearly 1.5 million developers have written Kotlin code, and this number nearly doubled in August 2019. With massive support from JetBrains and Google, Kotlin will prove to be an agent of change.


To get the best out of it, or to be fluent, Reliability over minimized coding logic is recommended. It is obviously a good thing to establish a coding conversation that provides ease to others. Kick-start your journey with Kotlin and give your Android programming skill a new experience. Lastly, don’t waste your time on searching about “Is Kotlin worth learning”. Just take action good luck for your programming journey.

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