How to earn money from PUBG – 2021

At this time PUBG is a very popular game and there are many kids and youths who play PUBG game and waste many times, but they don’t know that they can earn money by playing PUBG game, today I will give you an idea where You can earn money from PUBG.

You can play PUBG on your phone as well as your computer and laptop.

How to earn money from PUBG –

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online game developed by PUBG Corporation. A subsidiary of Blue Hole Gaming Company, PUBG is a multiplayer game inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royal. It is a war game consisting of a hundred players with at least one weapon parachute on an isolated island.

The game requires players to search for a variety of random equipment, from weapons and ammunition inside buildings to healing materials on the ground, and then using the same to kill others.

The goal is to survive while killing others. As the number of players decreases, the safe playing area also decreases, forcing the rest of the players to fight amongst themselves. The one who survives in the end is the winner of the game.

Released in 2017, the game has over 400 million players worldwide so far. This is the total number of players on all media and operating systems. About 227 million people play this game every day.

Where you can play PUBG game

While the mobile version of PUBG is free and PUBG Lite for PC is free, to download the full version of the game to your computer terminal, you will need to purchase PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds key, also known as a license key. Touch. This key indicates that the game installed on the PC is genuine and not a pirated version.

Online sellers now sell such PUBG keys or game codes, players can now activate Steam games instantly. Once the purchase is made and confirmed, the online gaming company will email the player with the activation code. This code must now be copied or entered on the installation screen to download the game in high speed mode.

The license key isn’t the only PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that PUBG enthusiasts and gaming experts can buy right now. PUBG offers several other types of keys, all of which can be purchased online at a specialized online game store or on the Steam Community digital marketplace.

Other PUBG keys that can be purchased include:-

  • Gamescom Invitation Box that can be opened with the code Early Bird.
  • The Desperado Crate can also be unlocked with the Early Bird key.
  • The Triumph Case can be opened with the Weapon Layout key.
  • The Equinox box can also be unlocked with the Weapon Design key.
  • The aviator box is unlocked with the aviator key.

Ways to earn money from PUBG :-

Today I will show who can earn money from PUBG game, I discussed 4 ways to earn money in this article.

Start YouTube channel :-

YouTube is the best option for this to earn money in the long run. If you are just starting to play pubg game, or you are a professional, you both can start youtube, upload regular YouTube videos.

There are many YouTube users who play games and upload to YouTube on their mobile devices, PCs and laptops, and they are easily earning thousands of dollars per month.

Follow steps to create a YouTube channel :-

  • You can start your channel from phone
  • Open YouTube Your Channel Edit Channel Name and Description Save It
  • It is recommended to use a good DSLR, microphone, lighting etc, but you can start with your smartphone initially.
  • If you have money then you can buy a DSLR, mic, light camera if you do not have money, but you can start with your smartphone.
  • Create high quality thumbnails
  • Upload videos regularly.
  • After completing 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time, you can monetize your channel with Google Ads.
How to earn money from PUBG –

Start affiliate marketing to earn money from PUBG

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

It is a model where a third party (affiliate marketer) generates leads and traffic for products and services, if someone buys the product through the third party link, the company pays a commission to the affiliate marketers.

So, like this you can do affiliate marketing to promote some essential products like gaming chairs, game access, etc.

There are some companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc, all you have to do is submit your affiliate link.

Super Chat

In this feature where you will play live games on YouTube and someone will donate money to you so that their comment can be easily highlighted in the chat.

Add our donation link (Link Paytm, UPI and Phone [Y]) in your description or chat.

Play Tournament :-

  • First, download a tournament app like PUBG Players Zone.
  • After downloading the application, fill in the forum, username, phone, email etc.
  • There is a small entry fee like Rs 20 to Rs 40.
  • Then start and play your tournaments and try to kill up to 5 or more, as well as try to make Chicken Dinner.
  • You can easily withdraw your money after winning the match.

Start your website :-

  • To start a blog, you have to buy hosting and domain.
  • Set up your blog on WordPress and start uploading articles
  • You have to learn SEO, content marketing and some strategies to grow your blog.
  • You can then monetize it through Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing and many more.
  • But before earning money from blog, you face some problems because it is not a quick way to earn money, you need some time and money to monetize it.
  • Initial investment: Rs 5000 to 10,000
  •  Content Writing, SEO
  • Time investment: 3 to 5 hours a day
  • Expected Return 1 Year: 0 to Rs 10,000 depending on your niche and skill

But Here I have selected best web hosting and free domain name, This is one time investment less than Rs 5,000,  from where you can make thousands of dollar with doing hard work, so start your website as much as possible.

The team player of the popular gamer

If you are a professional gamer on PUBG, if you are really a good gamer and can be a good team player for anyone, you can take some popular players to your team.

You have to email those players and connect with them and you have to present your gaming skills, you have to show how well you can play and then ask them to play some matches with them.

After that when they upload that video to their YouTube channel then you will gradually become popular.

Then you can show your gaming skills personally by starting your own YouTube channel or uploading your videos on Instagram, this can help you start earning money playing PUBG and also help your blog to generate more traffic.

Not only will this help you become popular, but it will strengthen your relationships with many popular players, and they can be of great help in your gamer journey.

Because He has risen and can guide you throughout this journey. This is also the best way to earn money from PUBG.

Conclusion :-

These were the 5 ways to earn money by playing PUBG, I hope you liked this article and if you liked it then tell us in the comments.

In my opinion starting a YouTube channel, starting a blog and making friends with any popular gamer,

these three are the best, reliable and passive sources of earning money by playing PUBG.

You can also make your career with the help of these platforms and media.

These are also real ways to earn money from PUBG, but they will not let you make a lot of money or a steady income.

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