4 artificial intelligence robots killed 29 scientists

In December 2018, social media users began circulating a short, blurry video clip showing a woman telling a story about 29 scientists allegedly killed by artificial intelligence-controlled robots in Japan (4 robots kill 29 scientists ).

A recap of this footage, which claimed the AI robot massacre took place in South Korea, not Japan.

4 artificial intelligence robots killed 29 scientists

4 robots kill 29 scientists in Japan

Linda Moulton stated that she received a call in August 2017 from a retired Marine Special Forces officer in Japan to talk about the killing robot. As a result, 29 people were killed in a laboratory that carried out robots that had been armed with the Japanese for war. Apparently, 4 autonomous robots responded in the lab and killed the people. She also claims that the spy told her about her ET-related special forces team communication for a year. First, there is no reliable report of such an incident.

Also to say, Linda Moulton Howe did not comment on any details of the incident. If we assume that there is someone called a traitor,

It is also uncertain whether he would tell the truth to a well—known conspiracy theorist.

She said, 4 AI robots killed scientists in Japan

In a large Japanese robotics company this week, four robots developed for military applications killed 29 humans in the lab.

And they did it by firing metal bullets. I didn’t know there were other types.

The scariest part is that the lab workers deactivated two of the robots and dismantled the third.

But the fourth robot began to restore itself and somehow connected to an orbiting satellite to download information on how it could rebuild itself even more strongly than before.

It’s serious, shit Linda, but you’re not going to hear about it on the news.

The robotics company has too much to lose, and the government wants AI robot soldiers.

So, considering the aforementioned facts, origin of the message and lack of evidence, the claim that 4 Artificial Intelligent Robots Killed 29 Scientists in Japan or South Korea is a hoax.

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Are 4 robots kill scientist ?

Howe’s story is surprisingly devoid of detail. He did not specify the source of his information. Name of the factory where the massacre took place. Or the name of the scientist accused of murder. And while Howe claims that reports of robot rebellion have been suppressed by the government, it is expected that there will be coverage of the death or disappearance of the top scientist in Japan. Dozens of people, even robots, were obscured. However, we did not find any such report.

Oddly, it’s little more than a footnote in Howe’s overall presentation. In fact, this quirky story serves as a fascinating anecdote and not like a real story. After uncovering reports of alleged robotic genocide, Howe has turned to the dangers of artificial intelligence. He spends most of his time in alien encounters. And it summarizes it by saying that humans may, in fact, be a clever invention of an alien race: it is reasonable to think that these early humans were the artificial intelligences that made us scientists by genetic manipulation. Robotics lab science on this planet today? … are we really other people’s robots?

About Linda Moulton Howe and Her Claim

Yes, it is true that some have questioned the mortality risks of robots in humans such as “killer robots” and earlier in 2018, AI experts called for the boycott of laboratories in South Korean universities. It raised concerns about cooperation with defense companies working on autonomous weapons. But there is no report or evidence that the four artificial intelligence robots killed 29 scientists in Japan, South Korea or anywhere else.

This claim is based on what Linda Moulton Howe said during a presentation on the dangers of artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, Linda Moulton Howe is an American investigative journalist known for her work as a UFO and advocating for a variety of conspiracy theories. She was always speculating about the US government. Aliens and Working with Aliens (ET)

Linda Moulton originally claimed that she had previously received a call in August 2017 from a retired Marine Special Forces officer in Japan who disclosed about the killer robot, therefore, killing 29 humans in the production lab. . War robots made by the Japanese for war. Four autonomous robots react to and kill humans in the lab. She also said that the whistleblower had been telling her about ET-related communications from her Special Forces team since the first year. Firstly, there are no credible reports of the incident. Also, note that Linda Moulton Howe doesn’t. Mentioned any details of the incident if we thought someone called him a whistleblower. He wasn’t even sure if he would tell the truth to a famous conspiracy theorist.

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